Cake Holder

Ceramics are many common materials in the way we live. The high-temperature, soft porcelains of ceramics are stronger and lighter than low-temperature porcelains. Only opposite the tableware of the ceramics with the lower temperature porcelain, low temperature porcelain is characterised with stronger malleability, environment-protection, degradation. Because of that, the ceramic tableware was exported in great quantities to foreign countries already from 17th to 18th centuries, becoming a preferred type of tableware used by the peoples of all over the world. This is the biggest benefit of ceramic tableware, it is easily cleaned, and can be cleaned really well, usually without cleaning agents. Strong Plasticity, can make a wide range of patterns in different forms for your tableware. Clay can be formed in various shapes, whether it is a wineglass, rice bowl, dish, etc., it can all be made from clay. People usually have one ceramic dish set, one collection of dishes in a similar design that echoes one another, which can be considered as the landscape in the house. Stable and long-lasting chemical properties, low thermal transmission, and does not easily get hot. Porcelain has some acid, alkali, salt-resistant properties, it is not easily affected by chemical reactions of those substances, it does not get aged by rust. At the same time, it has a characteristic of low thermal transmission. It is not easily broken by a sudden heating change, which is quenched by the change in the specific temperature difference. A pie server is used for placing pies. Ceramic cakes maintain the absence of smell, and ceramic cakes maintain the advantages of different patterns. Can be made according to holidays, Christmas cake pallet, Halloween cake pallet, Halloween cake pallet. Can be made in various shapes for the cake tray as well. Cat cake trays, dog cake trays, swan cake trays, bunny cake trays, etc.

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    monkey custom ceramic cake stand cup holder

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    rabbit round dolomite ceramic cake stand cup holder

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    ceramic cake display stand cup dish plate holder

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    white ceramic cake stand pate