Dongsheng Ceramic Manufacturer has been a trusted supplier for over 20 years and offers a wide range of bulk and wholesale mug. We also can provide Full Customized service. We are dedicated to providing the best mug solutions you need, when you need them. Ceramic cups are so prevalent in our lives, and a lot of people love drinking their water with a ceramic cup, so, what are the advantages and the drawbacks of a ceramic cup. . What are the methods to clean the ceramic cup mug?. I am going to talk just about that with you today. First, advantages and disadvantages of a ceramic mug. Advantages: 1. Ceramic cups are a highly secure and healthful cups. You do not need to worry about ingesting dangerous metals after prolonged usage, as with metal cups, nor do you need to worry about hazardous substances potentially being separated out by the hot water, as with plastic cups. Common ceramic cup mugs are quite common, and they donat belong in the category of fancy items. Of course, ceramic cup mugs are very valuable as well. Here, we just said we can purchase a daily-use ceramic cup mug from a marketplace in normal times. Ceramic cup mugs transmit heat slower, and nowadays, most of the ceramic cups are designed with handles to avoid burning hands very easily. Some plastics and other materials in the cups, when you pour hot water, it gets really hot right away, whereas ceramic materials are much tougher against hot temperatures, which is another benefit of ceramic cups. Cons: 1, it wears out after a long period of usage. Because raw materials for a cup holder are still soil, in the case of soaking in water for long periods, it is bound to get a bit worn. Two, How to Clean Ceramic Cup Mugs 1. First, bubbles with cleaning liquids are used for some time, then, either a cloth or toothbrush is used, mostly depending on the shape of the cup mug, it is better to use the toothbrush if the cups are relatively tall, with small diameter. Rinse your ceramic cup mug (without leaving any water behind), scrub it on the sides with dried salts or toothpaste, then wash with clear water. Salt, be it table salt or kosher salt, will help us remove the tea stains from our cup mug, and we can pick up the tea stain using fingers, scrub back and forth on top of it, but after two to three minutes, you will see that the tea stains are gone, and you do not have any harm on your cup mug.

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