Factory Design

Fujian Dehua Dongsheng Ceramic Co.,LTD was founded in 1999. Being a professional manufacture and selling our qualified product worldwide is our goal. Our factory is accredited with factory audit as below Target, Target Australia, Sedex, Kmart, Michaels, NBCUniversal, We are now have over 20 management employees and 200 production workers, covering a production area of 20,000 square meters, an annual sales figure that exceeds USD 4,000,000. Every year, our factory asks designers to design seasonal designs according to the Canton Fair in spring and autumn. Spring corresponds to Easter, and autumn corresponds to Halloween and Christmas. We have our own designers who design our own designs based on the elements that were popular last year. And push it to our high-quality customers.
  • 2023 spring Ceramic Chicken Piggy Bank Money Box thumbnail

    2023 Spring Ceramic Chicken Piggy Bank Money Box

  • 2023 spring Ceramic hand shaped Flower Vase thumbnail

    2023 Spring Ceramic Hand Shaped Flower Vase

  • 2023 spring Rustic Ceramic animal dessert dish plate thumbnail

    2023 Spring Ceramic Fish Pig Cow Animal Dessert Dish Plate

  • 2023 spring Rustic Ceramic egg plate holder thumbnail

    2023 Spring Rustic Ceramic Egg Plate Holder

  • white farm village house pottery ceramic houses thumbnail

    White Farm Village Pottery Houses For Tea Lights

  • bear figurine gifts and crafts show pieces showpieces thumbnail

    Stoneware Ceramic Bear Figurine Statue For Home Decor

  • ceramic dog statue dog figurine decoration ornaments thumbnail

    Ceramic Dog Statue Dog Figurine Decoration Ornament

  • hanging bird shaped christmas porcelain ceramic pendant thumbnail

    Hanging Bird Shape Christmas Ceramic Pendant For Tree

  • 2023 spring design arch bridge ceramic vase thumbnail

    2023 Spring Design Arch Bridge Ceramic Vase

  • spring  Ceramic Pen container Pencil Cup holder thumbnail

    2023 Spring Ceramic Pen Container Pencil Cup Holder

  • spring 3D Animal Ceramic Chicken Jar Canister Set thumbnail

    2023 Spring 3D Animal Ceramic Chicken Jar Canister Set

  • 2023 spring Ceramic doughunt tire coffee mug thumbnail

    2023 Spring Ceramic Doughnut Tire Coffee Mug