Butter Tools

Make your life butter: room-temperature butter is easier to spread on toast than butter straight from the fridge. Do yourself a favor and use a kitchen butter dish with a lid to give your butter a well-deserved lid. Made of high quality porcelain, durable, sturdy and adaptable to hot and cold temperatures. Premium porcelain: With a wide lid and raised rounded edge, large enough space to keep the butter fresh and safe. Not to mention the plate ridge that holds the stick of butter in place. The small knob at the top of the dish makes it easy to remove the lid without accidentally rubbing the stick of butter inside. Elegant and timeless design: Functional, simple, elegant. Covering your butter with our beautiful white porcelain butter dish means you never have to worry about this classic kitchen utensil going out of style. It provides easy storage, keeping the butter soft and diffusible in quality, making it a convenient accessory for your culinary adventures. Easy storage: The compact design of the butter tray makes it suitable for storing any type of butter while saving space when you store it in the refrigerator, on the kitchen counter, or in the pantry. Perfect for gifts, loved ones, friends, brunch buddies, co-workers, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. We are Over 25 Years Ceramic manufacturer, We have rich experience can finish your design and mass production. Support shape, size, color, packaging full customization, support mass procurement needs.

  • black rectangular ceramic butter dish tray with lid thumbnail

    white black rectangular ceramic butter dish tray

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    speckled dot rustic ceramic butter dish with lid

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    ceramic animal handle stainless steel butter knife