Dongsheng Ceramic Manufacturer has been a trusted supplier for over 20 years and offers a wide range of bulk and wholesale vase. We also can provide Full Customized service. We are dedicated to providing the best vase solutions you need, when you need them. Ceramic vase decoration has a long history and developed technology. Ceramic vases are suitable for table decoration, tabletop decoration, home decoration, office decoration, farmhouse decoration, wedding decoration, garden decoration, outdoor decoration. According to the color is divided into white porcelain bottles, black porcelain bottles, blue and white porcelain bottles, gold porcelain bottles, silver porcelain bottles. According to the material of the ceramic. You can make dolomite ceramic vases, stone ceramic vases, ceramic vases, terracotta vases. According to its fashionable shape. It is divided into body ceramic vase, butt ceramic bottle, face ceramic vase, animal ceramic vase. According to the size of the vase divided into table vase and floor vase. It can also be made into different styles according to different seasonal themes, such as Christmas vases, Halloween vases, Easter vases, Valentine's Day vases. According to the style and divided into coarse ceramic vases, modern ceramic vases, simple ceramic vases, Chinese ceramic vases and so on. Different parts of the world often have the same vase. Vases are also made in various forms. Even though we are a factory. There are many designs, but they can't satisfy all guests. When you need it. You can have different vases customized from us. Strong plasticity, can make a variety of patterns for your tableware. Clay can form a variety of shapes, whether it is wine glasses, rice bowls, plates, etc., can be made of clay. People usually have a set of ceramic dinnerware, a set of dishes of similar design that echo each other, and can be seen as the landscape of the home. Stable and durable chemical properties, low heat conduction, not easy to heat. Porcelain has a certain acid, alkali and salt resistance, is not easy to be affected by chemical reactions of these substances, and is not aging due to rust. At the same time, it has the characteristics of low heat transfer. It is not easily destroyed by sudden changes in heating and is quenched by changes in specific temperature differences.

  • mothers day handmade white yellow ceramic flower vase thumbnail

    single geometric yellow ceramic flower vase

  • bust shabby chic Office Ceramic porcelain Flower Vases thumbnail

    Crack Farmhouse shabby Ceramic Rustic Vases

  • Custom cute mini ikebana ceramic origami flower vase thumbnail

    ceramic origami flower vase

  • Glazed Iconic Stoneware ceramic Scandinavian Style flower Vases thumbnail

    Diamond Stoneware ceramic flower Silver Vases

  • fire table feather wedding ceramic flower vases decoration thumbnail

    small table beautiful feather wedding ceramic flower vase

  • table cylinder modern porcelain ceramic flower vase set thumbnail

    table porcelain ceramic flower vase set for home decor

  • effect ceramic colored green marble artificial flower vase thumbnail

    ball shape ceramic green marble flower vase

  • tabletop decorations porcelain ceramic glazed centerpiece flower vases thumbnail

    metal rust effect cool antique ceramic flower vases

  • ceramic colored pink green white marble flower vase thumbnail

    ceramic pink green marble flower vase

  • new Factory ceramic rabbit happy easter bunny thumbnail

    hand painted pottery easter rabbit bunny vase

  • Custom home good ceramic fish shape flower vase thumbnail

    ceramic fish shape flower vase

  • Decorative Orange Juice Milk Carton Ceramic Flower Vase thumbnail

    Unique Orange Juice Milk Carton Ceramic Flower Vase