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Dongsheng Ceramic Manufacturer has been a trusted supplier for over 25 years and offers a wide range of bulk and wholesale ceramic home decor. We also can provide Full Customized service. We are dedicated to providing the best ceramic home decor solutions you need, when you need them. Ceramic products can do a lot of categories, because the product characteristics of ceramic smooth surface easy cleaning, corrosion resistance and other characteristics. Ceramic ornaments come in many different shapes, sizes and styles. According to the season, there are Easter decorations, Halloween decorations, Christmas decorations and Valentine's Day decorations. Ceramic flower pot decoration is divided into succulent pot and plant pot according to size. Ceramic vase decoration is divided into floor vase and table flower vase according to size. Ceramic piggy bank is also a popular product for children, divided into DIY, different shapes of different animals. Such as dinosaur piggy bank, pig piggy bank and so on. Ceramic candle holder also occupy a market share in the product category of candle holder because of the extensibility of dolomite, which is paired with hand painting. It's healthier than resin. Let ceramic candlesticks have a lot of room, such as Santa Claus candle holder, animal candle holder, skull candle holder and so on. Ceramics come in a variety of colors and patterns. Find a piece that matches your personal style. In addition, you can find ceramic decorations with different glaze water effects, such as smooth, matte, and even cracked. Ceramic home decor is also easy to maintain. Ceramic surfaces are glazed and easy to clean, requiring only occasional dusting or wiping with a damp cloth. Ceramic Home decor including ceramic vase, ceramic planter, ceramic oil burner, ceramic piggy bank, ceramic jewelry box, ceramic jewelry tray, ceramic match holder, ceramic pen holder, ceramic photo frame, ceramic oil diffuser, ceramic card holder, ceramic candle jar, candle holder. We can make dolomite, stoneware, porcelain, terracotta.

  • custom ceramic tealight lotus flower candle holder thumbnail

    ceramic tealight lotus flower candle holder

  • Nordic Round Ceramic Succulent Planter Flower Plant Pot thumbnail

    Cheap Indoor Nordic Ceramic Flower Planter Plant Pot

  • geometric ceramic candle vessel candle jar with lid thumbnail

    empty matte white black geometric ceramic candle vessel jar

  • Ribbed Modern Nordic Style Matte Flower Ceramic Vase thumbnail

    Grey morandi stripe Ribbed Matte Flower Ceramic Vase

  • porcelain ceramic saving money box piggy coin bank thumbnail

    custom unicorn shaped ceramic money box piggy coin bank

  • rim ceramic jewelry holder tray plate ring dish thumbnail

    trinket white gold rim ceramic jewelry holder tray plate

  • 3d luxury ceramic artificial rose flower sculpture thumbnail

    3d luxury ceramic artificial rose flower sculpture

  • succulent Planter Plant Flower Pots with Tray Saucer thumbnail

    Round Terracotta Planter Plant Flower Pot with saucer

  • geometric ceramic succulent planter manufacturing with bamboo trays thumbnail

    cheap white small square ceramic succulent planter

  • stackable small brown clay Terracotta ceramic planters pots thumbnail

    garden stackable Terracotta seed planters pots for plant

  • candle vessels speckled customize new ceramic candle jar thumbnail

    splatter speckled ceramic candle vessels jar wholesale

  • woman female bum shaped ceramic flower Body vase thumbnail

    nude Burn female shaped ceramic flower Body vase