Pen Holder

Dongsheng Ceramic Manufacturer has been a trusted supplier for over 25 years and offers a wide range of bulk and wholesale ceramic pen holder. We also can provide Full Customized service. We are dedicated to providing the best ceramic pencil cup solutions you need, when you need them. Pen holder is a common office supplies, used to hold pens, pencils, ballpoint pens and other pen tools. Ceramic pen holders are very delicate and beautiful, usually with some bright colors or different shapes, they are more like a piece of art. The advantage of ceramics is that its shape is changeable. According to the extensibility of low temperature porcelain characteristics can be made into different shapes of ceramic pen holder. For example, animal-shaped ceramic pen holder, plant-shaped ceramic pen holder. You can also make Christmas pen holder, Halloween pen holder, Easter pen holder according to the holiday. Create a festive atmosphere. Ceramic pencil pen holder, our ceramic pencil pen holder is made of durable ceramic, durable, strong and durable. Matte marble prints have smooth and intricate designs that will give your office such a classic touch. This exquisite ceramic pencil pen holder will be the perfect gift for girls, children, colleagues, friends, teachers or people in the office. Ideal stationery for receiving gifts. It can hold lots of ceramic pencil pens, ceramic pencil pencils, and brushes to keep everything organized and keep your desk and office simple and elegant. Makeup Brush Cup organizer, it can be used as a pencil holder, makeup brush holder, toothbrush holder, kitchen utensils organizer, or other things, it can hold lots of pens and pencils makeup brushes, keep everything very organized, will your desk and table dressed up simple and elegant. Great Gift: For all you pet lovers out there, this project makes the perfect gift to fit into your home decor. Don't keep all the fun to yourself! Share this product as birthday gifts, holiday gifts, for your colleagues, parents, children and so much more

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    Cute kawaii Cat Ceramic Glasses Pen Pencil Holder Stand

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    Ceramic ballpen Pen container Pencil Cup holder

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    handmade Unicorn Ceramic Pen Pencil Stand holder

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    Rainbow colored Ceramic Desk Pen Pencil Cup Pot

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    rose gold leaf shape ceramic pen pot pencil holder