Pet Bowl

Dongsheng Ceramic Manufacturer has been a trusted supplier for over 25 years and offers a wide range of bulk and wholesale ceramic pet bowl. We also can provide Full Customized service. We are dedicated to providing the best ceramic dog bowl solutions you need, when you need them. Pet bowls are divided by animal into dog bowls, cat bowls and small animal bowls. Now there are heightening pet bowls and slowly feeding pet bowls according to pet health. The round bowl matches bowls of various colors, making the bowl look very cute. Your adorable dog deserves it. Reduces spinal pressure and reduces vomiting: Raised cat bowls allow your pet to get everything out without straining his neck. The raised cat bowl puts the cat's mouth in a proper position relative to its stomach, and it helps the cat swallow more easily, alleviating their occasional vomiting Microwave Safe - Dog bowls are made of food grade China that are microwave safe. If your dog likes hot food, you can microwave it. The ceramic is heavy and helps keep the bowl upright when the dog eats the food. Easy to clean - Pet bowls have a smooth surface. Dishwasher safe and you can clean it easily. Bowls are easy to keep clean and hygienic because we know how important your pet's health is to you. Multiple functions - size and capacity suitable for dry roughage, wet food, treats, or water. Simply use a pet bowl and let your dog or cat enjoy his food. Unlike plastic and stainless steel, ceramic materials are more hygienic. Interactive Slow Food Bowls promote healthy eating, regulate your pet's weight, lengthen mealtimes and prevent indigestion. Pets get a healthier, more balanced diet. The maze-shaped bow allows your pet to enjoy catching food in this fish-shaped bowl of different sizes, bringing extra pleasure and improving his flexibility. Proper ridge-valley spacing can effectively delay the pet's feeding speed. Smooth surface design, avoid the pet tongue is scratched.

  • Frisky Kitty Water and food feeding Cat Bowl thumbnail

    Cute Pink Oval Ceramic Kitty Cat Frisky Bowl

  • Cats Dogs Pet Food and Water Bowl Dish thumbnail

    Stoneware Small Cats Dogs Pet Food Water Bowl

  • tilted Pet Cat feeding Dishes Food Dog Bowl thumbnail

    ceramic elevated raised tilted Ceramic Pet feeding Dish

  • ceramic rabbit food water feeding Bowl thumbnail

    ceramic rabbit food water feeding Bowl

  • feeding Food Dog Bowl to slow down eating thumbnail

    Ceramic maze slow feeding eating Pet Bowl

  • Cavy Hedgehog hamster food and water feeding Bowl thumbnail

    stoneware Cavy Hedgehog hamster food and water Bowl