COMPLETE SET: This ceramic coasters set includes 8 ceramic stone coasters in different mandala styles AND a black iron coaster holder. The coaster holder will storage your coasters and save the space. ABSORBENT CERAMIC: The upper layer of coasters is made by absorbent ceramic, which absorb ability better than silicone coaster to keep your table dry. ANTI WEAR CORK: The back of coasters is cork, which prevent your table from scratched and worn, and provide additional gripping. Cork can also prevent hot drinks in the cup from damaging your table. EASY TO CLEAN: Coaster diameter 4 in, suitable for all goblets, mugs and cups. More convenient to clean than other coaster, just rinse it by water. BEAUTIFUL DECORATION: The frosted glaze on the surface of the coaster keeps the pattern bright and never fades. Set of 8, that is great to decorate your kitchen, living room, bedroom or office and so on. It is nice, but you have to wash it regularly, because if you leave your coaster out unwashed for long, it will develop lots of bacteria. Do you know how to use a ceramic coaster?. First thing: Insulation, it keeps your desk safe from burning. Ceramics are divided between Absorbent Ceramic Coasters and Non-Absorbent Ceramic Coasters Absorbent Ceramic Coasters Non-Absorbent Ceramic Coasters Difference: 1. Absorbent ceramic coaster can absorb water, while non-absorbent ceramic coaster cannot absorb water. Absorbent ceramic coaster is softer and thinner, easier to keep, yet can be embroidered, dyed with plants, etc., in various styles. Non-absorberant ceramic coaster Material is harder, simpler styles, comparatively coarse. Technical differences, ceramic non-absorbent coaster is coated with a glaze. Poor absorption of water, a smooth, shiny surface, may have matted-on highlights. And absorption-resistant coaster is a simple embrio using UV print, is opaque, and has high water absorption. Dongsheng ceramic Chinese manufacturer is Over 25 Years ceramic manufacturer, we pass audit Sedex, FCCA, FAMA and so on. Support shape, size, color, packaging full customization, support wholesale mass procurement needs.

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