Dongsheng Ceramic Manufacturer has been a trusted supplier for over 25 years and offers a wide range of bulk and wholesale ceramic Halloween decoration. We also can provide Full Customized service. We are dedicated to providing the best ceramic Halloween decoration decor solutions you need, when you need them. Ceramic Halloween decorations mainly feature Halloween elements, including ceramic skulls, ceramic pumpkins, ceramic ghosts and more. The overall cute cartoon, round pumpkin jar with lid design, can achieve multi-functional design, through the European and American countries can contact food test, can be used as flower pot, candle jar, pen holder, tool bucket and other decorative functions, can also be used as cookie jar, candy jar and other jar design, the lid inside the silicone ring, air tight. Different optional and customizable pumpkin emojis. Vivid image. Can be used as home decoration, Halloween party decoration. Halloween candy jar for neighborhood kids. POTS can optionally contain fake plants. As a decoration only. Halloween Skull Jar, this is a design close to the real skull jar. The eyes, nose, and mouth are all recessed using the effect of indentation. The bottom is not smooth on the glaze, can better anti-slip, if you do not trust, you can add soft cushion. Coloring is an experienced manual painter. This product can also be used as flower POTS, vases, candle jars, tool buckets, pen holders, etc. Can also be customized according to customer needs to meet the candle jar and other needs. It fits into a punk style home decoration, which can be used at Halloween parties. Better reflect the atmosphere. ? Cute Decorations ? Want an elegant and aesthetically pleasing way to decorate your home this Halloween without spending money on expensive decorations or carving a real pumpkin during busy work hours? This ceramic Pumpkin Tea lamp holder by AELS for Halloween, complete with LED tea lights, is the perfect solution to bring in ghosts in a comfortable way! ? High quality ? Hand painted, hand carved, add elegant color to home decoration. This set of Jack-O '-lanterns is made of premium ceramic material that resists wear and heat for indoor and outdoor use. As a timeless decoration, it can be used year after year. You can display them at Halloween parties, bars, houses, courtyards, bedrooms, living rooms or places like countertops, tables, nightstands, shelves, mantelpieces, etc. These signs create a fun and spooky vibe for this Halloween, adding a festive touch.

  • ceramic storage cookie candy jar canister with lid thumbnail

    Halloween skull shape ceramic cookie candy jar canister

  • custom black ceramic halloween tree with led light thumbnail

    wholesale black ceramic halloween tree with led light

  • small white light up Halloween ceramic ghost decor thumbnail

    small white light up Halloween ceramic ghost decor

  • light up Halloween ceramic haunted house to paint thumbnail

    light up Halloween ceramic haunted house to paint

  • bisque pottery ceramic light up pumpkin to paint thumbnail

    bisque pottery ceramic light up pumpkin to paint

  • black ceramic pumpkin figurines thumbnail

    black ceramic pumpkin figurines for ornaments

  • Custom handmade Halloween salad dessert ceramic dinner plates thumbnail

    handmade ceramic dessert Halloween plates