Dongsheng Ceramic Manufacturer has been a trusted supplier for over 25 years and offers a wide range of bulk and wholesale ceramic bowl. We also can provide Full Customized service. We are dedicated to providing the best ceramic bowl solutions you need, when you need them. I think that the majority of the bowls used by the majority of people at home are usually the ceramic bowls, the reason why people love the ceramic bowls is mostly that it looks really nice, ceramic bowls can put into microwave, which brings great convenience for consumers at home, So, the advantages and disadvantages of the ceramic bowls, as well as the way of cleaning the ceramic bowls, have been well understood. Today, we will look at it by the way, from the side of the China. First, advantages of porcelain cups 1, easily clean The porcelains glossy, smooth surface is bright, which makes it easier to clean it when it is stained. In this, it is superior to glassware, which is poor heat conductor, transferring heat slowly, used for holding boiling water or hot foods, it is not too hot to handle. Two, disadvantages of ceramic bowls The disadvantages of ceramic bowls are lower strength when hit, fall-resistant, easily damaged, it is a brittle product, also, in general, not suited to cooking vessels that are directly fired, and some are unresistant to the cooking. Three, How to Clean Ceramic Bowls Once you have purchased ceramic bowls, you are advised to wash them for five minutes in boiling water, boiling water may serve as disinfectant, then soak them for 1 -2 hours in room temperature vinegar, as the ceramic will re-form a certain toxicity when in contact with acids. On ceramic dish, you can immerse it into the vinegar for several hours, and should abandon if you notice any apparent colour changes. Multipurpose Bowl: Perfect for family meals - grains, soups, vegetables, salads, rice, ramen, etc. Don't worry about spilling food or soup Simple cleaning: Wash with detergent and cold or hot water, rinse the bowl directly, or put it in the dishwasher. You'll find these salad bowls still intact after thousands of uses

  • stoneware ceramic cereal decorative fruit food salad bowls thumbnail

    large round stoneware cereal fruit salad bowls

  • embossed ceramic cereal decorative serving rice bowls set thumbnail

    ceramic serving rice bowls set

  • ceramic noodle pasta ramen bowl set with chopsticks thumbnail

    korean japanese ceramic noodle pasta ramen bowl

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    white modern porcelain ceramic soup bowl

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    kitchen ceramic porcelain mixing serving fruit bowl

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    reactive glaze ceramic soup salad rice bowl

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    square ceramic dessert snack serving salad bowl

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    white ceramic berry strawberry Fruit basket

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    extra large pottery stoneware ceramic mixing bowls

  • White Large Legs pottery Ceramic centerpiece Fruit Bowl thumbnail

    White Large Legs centerpiece pottery Fruit Bowl

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    handmade unique Large Glazed pottery salad serving bowl

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    porcelain ceramic serving bowl with lid