Ceramic tableware is one of the largest categories. It contains ceramic mugs, ceramic teacup LIDS, ceramic plates, ceramic bowls, ceramic sealing jars, ceramic pet bowls, ceramic ice cups, ceramic ashtrays, ceramic pepper and salt shakers, ceramic baskets, ceramic egg cups, ceramic napkin rings, ceramic teapots, ceramic butter plates, ceramic butter knives, ceramic pie plates and more. Ceramic dinnerware is usually made of medium-high temperature porcelain, which is stronger and lighter than low-temperature porcelain. The opposite of ceramic tableware is low-temperature porcelain, which is characterized by high extensibility, environmental protection and degradability. Because of this, pottery was exported in large quantities from the 17th to the 18th centuries and became the cutlery used by people all over the world. This is the biggest benefit of ceramic tableware, easy to clean, and requires little or no cleaning agent to clean, very convenient. Strong plasticity, can use different forms of tableware to produce a wide range of patterns. Clay can be shaped into a variety of shapes, be it wine glasses, rice bowls, plates, etc. Ceramics can be made. People usually put pieces of ceramic on the table, and each piece of similar patterns and mutual imitation can see the scenery of the writer. Stable and durable chemical properties, slow heat transfer, not easy to heat. Ceramics are resistant to certain acids, bases and salts. They don't react easily with these substances, and they don't age easily.

  • vintage Black Speckled Campfire Ceramic Coffee camp Mug thumbnail

    Vintage Speckled Campfire Ceramic Camp Mug

  • novelty Hamburger shaped creative ceramic smoking pipe mug thumbnail

    creative Hamburger shaped ceramic smoking pipe mug

  • exotic cartoon ceramic coffee halloween skull coffee mug thumbnail

    custom 3d shaped ceramic coffee halloween skull mug

  • Ceramic jar Canister set with lid and spoon thumbnail

    Airtight Ceramic Storage Canister set with metal lid

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    ass Bum woman female ceramic storage nude jar

  • Factory Custom bar cocktail ceramic cup tiki mug thumbnail

    bar cocktail cup ceramic tiki mug

  • fruit pineapple shape ceramic coffee mugs thumbnail

    fruit pineapple shape ceramic coffee mugs

  • reactive clay glaze ceramic japanese style cup mug thumbnail

    Mini retro reactive ceramic japanese style cup

  • shaped handle stoneware ceramic tea cup mug manufacturer thumbnail

    creativos elephant shaped stoneware tea mug

  • mugs manufacturer gift box set with water heater thumbnail

    reusable ceramic coffee mugs with water heater

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    3D gun shaped creativos ceramic beer coffee mug

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    3D unique novelty pottery tail mermaid mug