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10-15 days



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Base on your order.we will choose the best shipping way for you.(Express-Sailing-Railway)

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MOQ-1000 pieces .contact us for details.

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30% deposit. balance against copy of B/L.Payment




The "Gnomes Statues Gnomes Dwarf Resin Scandinavian" is a delightful and artfully crafted collection that brings the charm and folklore of Scandinavian gnomes right into your living space. These gnome statues capture the essence of these mythical creatures with intricate detailing and a touch of whimsy.

Each statue in this collection is a tribute to the enchanting world of Scandinavian folklore, featuring meticulously crafted resin work that showcases the distinctive appearance and personality of gnomes. With their pointy hats, rosy cheeks, and endearing expressions, these gnome statues embody a sense of magic and playfulness.

These gnome statues offer both durability and a touch of Scandinavian charm. The vivid colors, intricate textures, and lifelike features on the statues' surface contribute to their whimsical appearance, making them charming focal points in any room.

Perfect for fairy tale enthusiasts, lovers of folklore, or anyone seeking to infuse their living space with a touch of enchantment, these gnome statues offer versatile decorative potential. Whether displayed on a windowsill, nestled among plants, or arranged in a garden, these sculptures celebrate the whimsical spirit of Scandinavian mythology.

Embrace the magical world of folklore with these meticulously crafted gnome statues. Their intricate design and playful detailing make them a delightful addition to any decor scheme, celebrating the timeless allure of mythical creatures and adding a touch of whimsy to your living space.

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Support shape, size, color, packaging full customization, support wholesale mass procurement needs.