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    Custom Unicorn Shaped Ceramic Money Box Piggy Coin Bank

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    Round Cylinder White Sublimation Ceramic Money Box

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    Ceramic Silver Car Shaped Money Coin Box Piggy Bank




Sample Time:

10-15 days



Shipping type:

Base on your order.we will choose the best shipping way for you.(Express-Sailing-Railway)

Custom logo:

Accept Customized LOGO

Custom shape or colour:

MOQ-1000 pieces .contact us for details.

Terms of Payment:

30% deposit. balance against copy of B/L.Payment


The "Ceramic Farmhouse House Shape Piggy Bank Money Box" is a charming and timeless piece that combines the appeal of a farmhouse with the practicality of a piggy bank. This ceramic piggy bank is designed in the shape of a farmhouse, offering a unique and heartwarming way to encourage saving money while adding a touch of rustic elegance to your decor.

Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, the "Ceramic Farmhouse House Shape Piggy Bank Money Box" features a cozy and inviting design reminiscent of a classic farmhouse. The ceramic material ensures durability, while the intricate features of the house's architecture add authenticity and charm.

Perfect for country-inspired decor, farm-themed rooms, or as a decorative accent in any space, the farmhouse piggy bank becomes a symbol of financial responsibility and the comforts of home. Its design not only adds a touch of nostalgia to your decor but also serves as a reminder to save money for future endeavors.

Whether used as a teaching tool, a decorative statement, or simply as a sentimental decoration, the "Ceramic Farmhouse House Shape Piggy Bank Money Box" becomes a cherished piece in your home. Its design infuses your space with a sense of warmth, simplicity, and the importance of setting aside money.

Ideal for children, parents seeking engaging teaching tools, or anyone who appreciates farmhouse-inspired and decorative items, the "Ceramic Farmhouse House Shape Piggy Bank Money Box" stands as both a decorative and functional treasure. Whether used to encourage savings or to evoke feelings of home and nostalgia in your decor, let this farmhouse piggy bank become a beloved element that adds joy and financial awareness to your living spaces.

Dongsheng ceramic Chinese manufacturer is Over 25 Years ceramic manufacturer, we pass audit Sedex, FCCA, FAMA and so on.

Support shape, size, color, packaging full customization, support wholesale mass procurement needs.