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10-15 days



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Base on your order.we will choose the best shipping way for you.(Express-Sailing-Railway)

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Accept Customized LOGO

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MOQ-1000 pieces .contact us for details.

Terms of Payment:

30% deposit. balance against copy of B/L.Payment


The "Giant Big Ceramic Storage Money Box Piggy Bank for Adults" is a unique and practical way for grown-ups to save money and manage their finances with a touch of whimsy. Unlike traditional small piggy banks, this ceramic money box is generously sized, allowing you to store larger amounts of money and even small items, making it suitable for adults who are serious about saving or looking for a fun and decorative storage solution.

This oversized ceramic money box comes in various designs, ranging from traditional piggy shapes to creative and thematic designs. It often features intricate details, such as hand-painted decorations or glossy finishes. The coin slot is typically located on the top or side, and a stopper or plug at the bottom of the bank provides easy access to your savings or stored items.

What sets this giant big ceramic storage money box piggy bank apart is its capacity to hold a substantial amount of savings or valuable items. It caters to the needs of adults who want a decorative and functional storage solution that complements their decor and helps them stay organized.

The "Giant Big Ceramic Storage Money Box Piggy Bank for Adults" is perfect for individuals who are looking for a creative and decorative way to manage their finances or store small items. It's not just a practical savings tool but also a statement piece that can enhance the aesthetics of your living space.

With its larger size and decorative design, this ceramic money box is both functional and visually appealing. It provides ample storage space for your savings goals, spare change, or even keepsakes, all while adding a touch of whimsy or sophistication to your home decor. Whether you're saving for a big investment, travel, or simply love unique decor, this giant piggy bank is a charming and practical choice for adults of all ages.

Dongsheng ceramic Chinese manufacturer is Over 25 Years ceramic manufacturer, we pass audit Sedex, FCCA, FAMA and so on.

Support shape, size, color, packaging full customization, support wholesale mass procurement needs.