Want to know the specific flow of ceramic production?

Time of issue: 2022-04-14 15:15:32


1 Sculpturing
The first step is through the customer's drawing, our workers will manually make the shapes the customer needs, as well as details on the product.
2-5 Mould Making
This step is mainly after the customer confirms the sculpture, we will make the mold according to the sculpture. Then to make the embryo body of the product. In this process, we have rolling machines, which can be convenient to make molds.
6 Bisque Firing
After the embryo is finished, we will do the first firing
7 Painting
This step is mainly to paint the product after finishing the bisque firing.
8 Glaze
After painting, we will glaze the product (depending on what effect the customer needs).
9 Glost Burning
After glaze the product, we will fire it again
10 Decal
This step is mainly to print the customer's logo, trademark and other patterns on the product (please refer to our previous articles for ways to customize the logo).
11 Decal Firing
This step is to fired again after  print the logo on the product.
12 Quality Inspection
This step is to check the quality. We can accept the quality inspection team required by the customer.
13 Packing
After confirming that the product is fine, we will pack it according to the customer's packaging requirements (please refer to our previous articles for the options of customized packaging).
14 Storage
We will store the packaged products
15 Delivery
After completing the quantity required by the customer and receiving the balance payment from the customer, we will deliver the goods.