What is Best Material of Ashtray?

Time of issue: 2023-04-26 15:47:00

The ashtray is a tool for holding cigarette ash and cigarette butts, which was produced at the end of the 19th century. After the advent of cigarettes, cigarette ash and cigarette butts were thrown everywhere, which was harmful to hygiene, and ashtrays were also produced thereupon. At first, some people called ashtrays as cigarette dishes, which were mostly made of pottery and porcelain, and also made of glass, plastic, jade or metal materials. Its shape and size are not fixed, but there are obvious marks, that is, there are several cigarette thick and thin grooves on the ashtray, which are specially designed for placing cigarettes. In addition to having practical functions, ashtrays are also a kind of artwork, which has certain artistic appreciation value. However, not all ashtrays are created equal, and the material an ashtray is made of has a major impact on its function, durability and safety. Ashtrays must be durable, heat-resistant, easy to clean and non-flammable. In this article, we'll explore the pros and cons of different materials for ashtrays.

Glass ashtray

The material of the ashtray is transparent, and the modern and minimalist style is the first choice of many people. In addition, the glass ashtray has a smooth surface, is easy to clean, and can be put in the dishwasher. However, glass ashtrays are fragile if dropped or exposed to drastic changes in temperature. In addition, in order to retain the characteristics of glass transparency, the style of glass ashtray is relatively simple.

glass ashtray

Ceramic ashtray

Ceramic ashtrays are changeable in style and mature in craftsmanship, so they are the choice of many people. Ceramic ashtrays can be made into simple white ashtray, luxury cigar ashtray, marbled ashtrays, customized 3D novelty ashtrays and more. Ceramic ashtrays are also heat resistant and have a smooth surface for easy cleaning. However, ceramics are brittle and easily broken due to dropping or the like.

simple white ceramic ashtray

Metal ashtray

Metal ashtrays are probably the most popular choice among smokers because they are durable, heat-resistant and easy to clean. Metal ashtrays are not flammable, making them a safer choice for smokers. However, the metal surface is easy to leave scratches, which will affect the appearance after a long time of use. The shape of the metal ashtray is single, and the metal ashtray just after use will be very hot to the touch. Some smokers do not like the cigarette to be extinguished in the metal ashtray. the sound of. Metal ashtrays are more expensive.

metal ashtray

Plastic ashtray

Plastic ashtrays are lightweight, inexpensive and easy to clean. However, plastic ashtrays are not heat-resistant, easily leave marks when extinguished cigarette butts, and will melt or deform if exposed to high temperatures. In addition, plastic ashtrays are easily scratched, which affects the appearance.

plastic ashtray

Stone ashtray

The stone ashtray is durable and heat resistant. The stone ashtray is cut from a whole piece of stone, and the whole ashtray is integrated into a whole, there is no gap in the middle, and it is not easy to hide ash. Naturally formed lines are loved by many. However, stone ashtrays are usually heavier than other types, which makes them more difficult to move. Additionally, stone ashtrays can be harder to clean than some other materials, especially if they have intricate designs or textures. Stone ashtrays cost more.


The best material for an ashtray depends on the smoker's personal preferences and needs. For smokers who want an easy-to-clean clear ashtray, glass, ceramic, and metal are a great choice. If you want to be portable and not fragile, metal and plastic ashtrays are the first choice, but the surface of metal ashtrays and plastic ashtrays are prone to scratches. Finally, the unique texture of stone ashtrays is the choice of many, but they can be heavy and difficult to clean.