10 Ceramic Money Box Choose Idea

Time of issue: 2023-02-08 14:56:06

Piggy bank placed in the home has the effect of accumulating wealth, can bless our health, a happy life. Secondly, if it is given as a gift to a friend, it can increase the friend's luck of promotion and salary increase, and also has a great change to the career. The same gift to the boss or partner, can perfectly interpret the profound meaning of "receiving wealth". And if given to children, the most obvious role is to promote children's financial habits. The ceramic piggy bank is the "fine" in the piggy bank, according to the different grades of ceramics, the price also has a huge difference.

1.Pig Shaped Money Box

Cute pig ceramic piggy bank piggy bank decoration, the world is so big, save money to see, high temperature decals, send people for their own use. Banknote coins easy to put, jucai entrance, fine workmanship, large diameter design, convenient storage, round edge processing, whether coins or big bills can be easily stored, environmental protection flower face, full and beautiful color, vivid details, delicate and vivid, non-slip design, there are four thick buffer sponge at the bottom, increase friction with the desktop, prevent inadvertent drop, smiling, Cute cute little expression, comfortable color matching, smiling face to greet, pleasing to the eye.

Pig Shaped Money Box

2.Fortune Cat Money Box Piggy Bank

Fortune cat ceramic piggy-pot creative decoration home decoration rich cat, products use high temperature decals, under-glaze color and other technology production process is complex, the work requirements of the product is fine, the product quality is not reflected in photos, the pattern of flower paper by the designer a stroke carefully outline the pattern of color is a collocation of designers elsewhere, and the fortune cat fusion, Smile full, full of happiness, meaning happiness, hand couplet meaning, congratulations on making a fortune, money rolling in, neck bell, symbol of prosperity, bell ring, gold thousand two.

Fortune Cat Money Box Piggy Bank

3.Cartoon Cow Piggy Bank

Ceramic cow piggy bank hairy ox savings ornaments, cute cartoon cow image, cute modeling, soft and hard all easily invested, a little makes a lot to urge to save money. The face is exquisite, the shape is cute, the trend is cute, the quality of ceramic texture, the design of the deposit port is behind, the invisible and beautiful can easily put coins and banknotes.

4.Unicorn Shaped Ceramic Piggy Bank Money Box

Unicorn decoration piggy bank ceramic creative cute children's piggy bank, lucky cute fun makeup point teenage dream, lifelike, unicorn shape, wake up your teenage heart, dream life to share sweet, experience the sweetness and warmth of home, reflect the gift giver's romantic intentions, cute fun financial expert, back deposit mouth, cultivate good habits, cute to love. Product details: Bottom gasket, smooth placement, reduce friction does not hurt the home, ceramic material, fashion texture, glossy round surface smooth, back slot 100 yuan banknotes can easily fit.

5.White Large Storage Money Box Piggy Bank

Ceramic pure color piggy bank only into the savings box, multi-color optional, the ideal partner of the bedroom, to complex simple modeling, adapt to a variety of styles with life way release grade, a simple not complex piggy bank, can save money can decorate everything, more than one choice of life, different colors. With different styles of life, banknotes and coins can be put in, banknotes can not be folded in half can also be put in, there is no access to money, take money need to break.

6. Ceramic Cat Money Box Piggy Bank

ceramic cat piggy bank cute creative piggy bank, cat piggy bank, cute fun cure, life needs interesting things often accompanied by smooth lines, the construction of this cute cat cat cat cat, is a piggy bank is also a beautiful household decoration, heal the heart, soft and hard to eat easy investment, clever cure shape, children's favorite ~ ceramic material texture clear, The face is exquisite, the shape is cute and cute, the eyes are attracted, the texture is realistic, the texture of the grain is vivid and comfortable to touch, the bottom is non-slip, and the desktop is protected from scratches.

Ceramic Cat Money Box Piggy Bank

7.Diy Painting Ceramic Money Box Coin Saving Piggy Bank

Diy Painting Ceramic Money Box Coin Saving Piggy Bank

8.Football Basketball Baseball Ball Porcelain Ceramic Money Piggy Bank Coin Boxes

Football Basketball Baseball Ball Porcelain Ceramic Money Piggy Bank Coin Boxes

9.Truck Car Shaped Money Coin Box Piggy Bank

Truck Car Shaped Money Coin Box Piggy Bank

10.Stitch Coin Money Box Piggy Bank

Stitch Coin Money Box Piggy Bank