10 Ceramic Candle Jar Choose Idea

Time of issue: 2023-02-03 17:57:01

Ceramic candle jar choose would be simple if they meet your requirement. 

1. Matte Color Empty Geometric Ceramic Candle Vessel Candle Jar With Lid

Nordic INS aromatherapy candle creative Macaron ceramic candle cup with lid candle pot, multi-scene smell wake up, the incense slowly lit fragrance filled the whole room life comfortable in the face in the aromatherapy experience life, elaborate, elegant color matching to meet the different needs of various scenes, geometric candlestick rich sense of art to bring you a different atmosphere of life, complete light, Simple center processing, atmosphere graceful, soft and hard.

2. Village House Christmas Ceramic Candle Jar

Nordic minimalist White House wind lamp, handmade ceramic candlestick decoration, warm yellow candlelight, through the hollowed out White House, foil the texture of ceramic, such as white jade, the full house is rendered warm and romantic. The meaning of candlelight is not only to illuminate the darkness, but also to enrich the visual and inner layers in the space we live in every day. Hand-grinding hollowed out materials are also very particular, the surface is uniform and delicate, the luster is very good, each product of hand-made products is unique, such as the color of the appearance, there are slight changes.

Village House Christmas Ceramic Candle Jar

3.Unique Clay Ceramic Candle Jar With Cork Lid

ceramic candle jar body indoor aromatherapy candle romantic atmosphere decoration, digital aromatherapy candle aesthetic world, simple and elegant appearance design without losing the sense of art, with fragrance lighting life ceremony sense, unique design. Put the bedroom, create a comfortable atmosphere, relieve pressure; Put the living room, beautiful and generous, show the master taste. After the use of scented candles, candle cups can be used as storage furniture, bold avant-garde art, inspiration and low-key soft color collision triggered from outside to inside thinking.

4. Octagon Ceramic Candle Jar

ceramic octagonal candle jar DIY aromatherapy candle decoration container candle holder props home Nordic romantic new products. Give life a sense of ritual, full of natural fragrance, feel the unique aroma, placing is full of atmosphere feeling from the inside out to feel warm, pure and simple. Round mouth, large diameter mouth thick smooth smooth smooth feel comfortable; Smooth the bottom of the cup, the bottom of the cup with a ring of frosted effective anti-skid placement more stable

 Octagon Ceramic Candle Jar

5.Ceramic Taper Candle Plate Candlestick Holder Candle Holder For Wedding

Nordic creative ceramic candlestick home decoration, looking for quiet in the noisy city, full of square, balanced texture, simple lines give rise to a strong sense of modern, restore the true life, avant-garde candlestick, can be put in candles, occasionally can also plug in a few dried flowers, so that the home full of vitality, simple reveal the creativity, meet a variety of home decoration style. The ceramic material is used to highlight the texture, the bottom is thick and smooth, and the desktop is safe and assured. Living alone aesthetic feeling, simple and fashionable, exquisite texture, smooth surface, comfortable hand feel, strong sense of design, multi-functional decoration, round and smooth holes, full of creativity.

6.Speckled Customize New Ceramic Candle Jar

Speckled Customize New Ceramic Candle Jar

7.Electroplated Luxury Pink Gold Blink Ceramic Candle Vessel Jar 

Electroplated Luxury Pink Gold Blink Ceramic Candle Vessel Jar

8.Decorative Wedding Marble Ceramic Candle Holder Jar

Decorative Wedding Marble Ceramic Candle Holder Jar

9.Ceramic Mason Candle Jar

10.Christmas Candle Jars Candle Holder Container Wholesale

Christmas Candle Jars Candle Holder Container Wholesale