5 Ceramic Canister Jar Choose Idea

Time of issue: 2023-02-02 16:14:12

Ceramic canister jar choose would be simple if they meet your requirement. 

1.Ceramic Jar Canister Set With Metal Lid And Spoon

Ceramic sealed jar Multigrain storage jar Kitchen honey sauce seasoning jar. Food damp? Bacterial growth? This sealed crisper may be just what you want, patent certified antibacterial material, up to 98.6% antibacterial rate, to ensure your food safety, food grade silicone material, sealed tightly, safe and leak-proof, keep food fresh, three specifications, let each food has its own place, let the kitchen clean and tidy, let time stop locking fresh ~ from now on ~ a multi-purpose, Three sizes, four colors, for snacks, coffee beans, tea, seasoning drinks are a good choice. Suitable for both hot and cold, to solve your worries, ceramic material, high temperature firing does not lose color, no lead, cadmium and other heavy metals, refrigerator, microwave oven can be used, safe to use.The circular silicone cover design is convenient to open, firmly fit and seal, and the bottom is not glazed. In order to prevent slipping, the bottom is not glazed and placed firmly.

Ceramic Jar Canister Set With Metal Lid And Spoon

2.Bath Salt Pot Sugar Spice Storage Bottle Rack Jar Set

High temperature resistant ceramic sealed pot, large belly capacity, side open spoon position, dust concave cover, reinforced ceramic, anti-mold glaze, we do far more than this, not limited to the details of consideration, we also think about the overall kitchen. The oil storage tank, seasoning tank and ingredients tank together into consideration, both practical but also unified shape, solve the kitchen Multi - shape color mixed phenomenon, with more comfortable. With ceramic spoon, easy to take material, good grasp of the amount, pot mouth reserved spoon, special spoon is more convenient to use, small notch fit the lid, moisture-proof more sanitary. Classic leaf pattern, full of ritual sense, daily use, firewood, rice, oil and salt seasoning can be well stored, the kitchen is clean and orderly, thick ceramic material, the use of under-glaze color process texture warm, moist and delicate to protect your health and mood. High quality ceramic material can be fired at high temperature, no heavy metal direct contact with food.

Bath Salt Pot Sugar Spice Storage Bottle Rack Jar Set

3. Tea Coffee Ceramic Canister Jar with Bamboo Lid

Ceramic tea pot moisture-proof sealing pot small mini portable household storage pot, handheld small pot, portable travel, smart and elegant, easy to lock the fragrance of tea, whether home office, or accompanying out, quiet and beautiful. Small size large effect, can store a variety of good things, can store tea, candy and so on, stable standing does not hurt the desktop. It flows easily between the tea tables. Glazed display, quiet and introverted, do not have charm. Random custom color, love at a glance of the Chinese beauty outside luxury inside, a gift of surprise, the heart of the artisan, the beauty of the ware, mountains and rivers drink together, pay tribute to you love life.

Tea Coffee Ceramic Canister Jar with Bamboo Lid

4. Ceramic Honey Jar With lid and Spoon

Ceramic Honey Jar With lid and Spoon

5.Ceramic Mason Canister Jar

Ceramic Mason Canister Jar