How to determine whether the product you need should be porcelain, stoneware or dolomite? Don't miss this article!

Time of issue: 2022-03-16 16:33:12

Let me explain the main differences to you. 

  1. Temperature  
    Generally speaking, the burning temperature of porcelain is more than 1200°, the burning temperature of stoneware is about 900°-1100°, and the dolomite is below 900°. The firing temperature of the three has no fixed value, as long as it is within the range. 
  2. Texture 
    For the texture, porcelain is the hardest, followed by stoneware, and finally dolomite. 
  3. Water Absorption 
    The water absorption rate of dolomite us best, followed by stoneware, and then porcelain. 
  4. Environmental protection 
    Dolomite is the most environmentally friendly, after a certain time can be degraded, porcelain environmental protection is insufficient, not easy to degrade, stoneware is in the middle. 
    These are the main differences between the three materials. If you are still confused, please feel free to contact us.