All Kinds of Ceramic Products Packaging Introduction

Time of issue: 2022-03-02 16:19:48

Dear customers, you can clearly know what kind of packaging do you need from this article.

1.Bubble Paper

When the prodcut is delivered and packed, bubler paper is used to do buffer protection.It is also the cheapest way to pack and most suitable for container transport. It is not recommended if the quantity of product is small, or if it is sent to your customers by mail order. The downside is that it's not aesthetically good enough.

2. Styrofoam

Styrofoam is made according to the size of the product and has excellent shockproof function, which can ensure that the goods are damaged due to vibration in the process of transportation. But sometimes friction causes damage to the Styrofoam and  the foam floats around. This is the most cost-effective way to pack.

3. PE Foam

PE Foam and Styrofoam have the same advantages, compared to Styrofoam, it is more environmentally friendly. It is more malleable and less likely to cause material damage due to friction. It is also a very beautiful way of packaging. The price is higher than the Styrofoam.

4. Corrugated Paper

Corrugated Paper is light in weight and inexpensive, can be mass produced in a variety of sizes, storage space before use is very small, and can print a variety of patterns. For the product packaging is very strong, can effectively protect the product. And the cost is very low.

5. Honeycomb Paper

Honeycomb Paper is like a bee's nest, which there are many holes in it. It is light weight and low price. The most obvious difference between it and corrugated paper is that the extrusion resistance of honeycomb paper is better.