How do I choose packaging of fragile like ceramic?

Time of issue: 2022-09-09 11:56:41

How do I choose packaging of fragile like ceramic?

First introduce common packaging on the business.

The packaging divided into three types. They are cushioning packaging, inner box packaging, master box packaging, and transport packaging.

Cushioning Packaging

There are Bubble, Paperboard, EPS, EPE and Pdq.


The bubble is the most used in packaging. Because it is cheaper. lot of factory only support bubble packaging. It is highest rate of breakage. Normal packaging only wrap 2 layer or only layer. It doesn't protect the product well. If you want to protect the product very well use bubble. It need warp 3-4 layer at least. but it volume is larger than EPS and EPE. In high freight now. It is not worth save packaging cost.


It can protect the product very well. We normal use half packaging for save cost. It also can complete mission. but it is non-degradable.


It same as EPS packaging. but it is biodegradable. And it look more upscale. but it is expensive than EPS.


It is also expensive. The few customer want to this packaging.

Inner box packaging

There are brown box, kraft box, white box, color box, gift box and pvc box.

The Inner box is determined by what the customer wants their customers to see what packaging.

Brown box

Kraft box

This packaging cost is almost same as white box and color box.

White box

Color box

Gift box



Master box packaging

The master box only can brown box.

Transport packaging

The transport packaging have pallet, wood box.


Pallet divide into wood pallet and plastic pallet. We suggest use plastic pallet. It haven't wood custom clearance problem. And it is cheaper than wood.

It only can use on some freight channel, LCL and FCL. If use pallet. It will use forklift pallet and products. so the cushioning packaging can use bubble with inner box packaging.


Now. Do you know what kind of packaging do you want?