How long does it take to do ceramics?

Time of issue: 2022-08-31 16:38:43

How long does it take to do ceramics?


There are 3D printed make sculpturing and make sculpturing by hand. The 3D printed make sculpturing take 1-2 days. It only need 3D file make sculpturing.

The make sculpturing by hand normal need 3-5 days. It is average time. Because factory need check with customer every details whether satisfied.

2.Mould Making

The Ceramic product mould normal make by gypsum. The one mass production mass mould only can make 50-80 pcs product (It depend on product texture).

It take 5-7 days.

3. Make Clay Body

There are pouring by hand, roll forming, pressure. Pouring by hand normal use for irregularity. Roll forming normal use for mug, cup bowl,  The pressure normal use for plate.

It take 10-20 days. The pouring is slowest.

roll forming machine

4. Demoulding

It take 2-5 days.

5. Slip Casting

The Slip Casting is repair problem clay body. It take 2-5 days.

6.Bisque Firing

First time fired. It take 1-3 days. Some customer like bisque DIY product.

7.Painting, Glazing

There are hand painted and glazed. The hand painted is slowest and expensive. 

8 Glost Firing

Second time fired. It take 1-3 days.

9 Decal Printed

The Decal printed is most common method.  Normal use for logo, printed. It take 1-3 days.

10 Decal Fired

Third time fired. There are decal printed don't need fired. but it unstable. It take 1-3 days.

11 Inspection

We have QA inspection defective product. It take 1-3 days.

12 packaging

Packaging product depend on customer requirement. It take 1-3 days.

13 Storage

Storage packaging complete product until predetermined shipping container.

14 Delivery

Delivery to port. It take 1-2 days.