What are the 3 types of ceramics?

Time of issue: 2022-08-26 10:29:55

There are three main types of pottery/ceramic. These are dolomite, stoneware and porcelain.


We make ceramic art and crafts use dolomite. Because it stretches well. you can look these example ceramic mug, ceramic planter for dolomite.

We normal make irregularity shaped use dolomite. And It was fired lowest temperature of them all.


We normal make daily necessities use stoneware, like stoneware plate, stoneware mug. It can be fired different effect from dolomite. Normal the reactive glazed is stoneware.

The stoneware also can make irregularity. but it rate of spoiled products higher probability than dolomite. like this eleplant ceramic tea mug.


The porcelain normal be fired to tableware. It strength and heat resistance is best. Please see this ceramic tableware, ceramic plate.